Yellow Hammer Agreement

On September 9, 2019, the House of Commons adopted a modest address calling on the government to present “no later than Wednesday, September 11 at 11 p.m. at 11 p.m. all documents prepared by Her Majesty`s Government since July 23, 2019 on Operation Yellowhammer and submitted to cabinet or a ministerial committee. [45] [46] As far as fishing is concerned, The Yellowhammer document indicates that up to 282 vessels from EU and EEA nations could enter or fish illegally in British waters (up to 129 vessels in English waters, 100 vessels in Scottish waters, 40 vessels in Welsh waters and 13 vessels in Northern Ireland waters) on the first day. The document is titled “Operation Yellowhammer: HMG Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions.” Ministers released details of their jackhammer emergency plan after MPs voted in favour of the release. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is deliberately evading questions this afternoon, indicating that he still does not have the function of parliamentary control over the government. Perhaps he should refer again to yesterday`s Supreme Court decision. I would have liked to ask him some difficult questions about the legal guarantees granted to EU citizens in the United Kingdom in the event of a non-agreement and the fact that the decision not to have a hard border in Ireland is not at all a solution and that the government has still not made any concrete proposals. Instead, I would like to ask him a very simple question: for the fifth or sixth time, when I asked what day the government changed the title of the Yellowhammer document? If my right-wing friend describes Operation Yellowhammer as a document put in place by the previous government, but which is read and updated by the current administration, does he also recognize that its purpose was to inform the government of what more they needed to do to be ready? He is not an assistant to the opposition spokesman who is struggling to get his lines in order. It was there for a purpose that is accomplished. Operation Yellowhammer is an important part of the government`s preparations for non-agreement. On August 19, I asked the minister to publish his plan of non-agreement, so I am very grateful for his invitation to members to attend his department to see that. On September 9, I received an answer to that question, in which it was said that it was not possible to answer it because of the extension.

I also requested that Yellowhammer`s current document be published and that each version be published. The written answer to this question was the same – that because of the extension, it was not possible to answer. Will he now commit to publishing the various versions of Yellowhammer? I thank the chairman of the European Union committee for saying so.