American Express Credit Card Agreement

(16) Here is how and when certain transactions, fees and credits are applied: this RPO varies by market based on the U.S. premium rate. You cannot qualify for the lowest APR revealed in the above area. The RPA applicable to your account is determined by our verification of your credit report, the information you provide about your application and other relevant information available to us. (1) Agreement. This contract for your credit card account (“account”) includes the credit card agreement (“agreement”), the important terms of your credit card account and future changes to that agreement. This agreement is a contract between Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and each account holder. You and any joint account holder agree to the terms of this agreement by using or activating your account. Please read this agreement carefully and keep it for your recordings. RPOs and overdraft protection advance fees are listed in the important conditions of your credit card account.

Overdraft hedging advances, interest and fees can result in your balance exceeding your credit limit. If more than one person is on the current account (for example. B a common current account) that you have associated for overdraft protection, then: (33) Communication of the Military Credit Act: federal law offers members of the armed forces and their relatives significant protection with respect to the extension of consumer credit. As a general rule, the cost of consumer credit to a member of the armed forces and their relatives should not exceed 36 per cent per year. This rate must include, to the extent that the credit transaction or account is applicable, credit insurance premium fees, by-product charges sold as part of the credit transaction, all application fees (except for certain application fees for certain transactions or credit accounts) and all participation fees (excluding certain participation fees for a credit card account). You can contact us at 1-844-309-0044 for information on the annual military percentage and a description of your payment obligation. The arbitration agreement does not apply to you if you are covered by the Military Lending Act, nor to provisions that waive a right of appeal under state or federal law, to the extent required by the Military Lending Act. Your rights if you are not satisfied with your credit card purchases.

If you are dissatisfied with the goods or services you purchased with your credit card and have tried, in good faith, to resolve the issue with the dealer, you may have the right not to pay the full amount owed for the purchase. (26) Execution rights. We can give up enforcing our rights or delay them without losing them. A divorce or separation court order or an out-of-court agreement does not affect any of our rights to enforce this Agreement. Third-party mobile devices. You and an authorized user may be allowed to load your credit card on an app on a smartphone, tablet or other electronic device, z.B. via a mobile wallet that could be used for purchases or other transactions without providing the card. These transactions are covered by this agreement. We have no control over the device and cannot guarantee the performance of the device. Also, read section 34 on interpreter certification before activating your credit card.